Daniel Johns Confirms Silverchair Will Never Reunite

For the Silverchair faithful among us, we bear grim tidings – former frontman Daniel Johns is adamant that there is no possibility of a return.

Speaking to The Project on channel 10, Johns doubled down on previous comments that he wouldn’t get the band back together “with a gun against my head or a million bucks”, while stating that even with new music out he doesn’t think he’ll ever play live again.

“I honestly don’t think you ever will”, he said when asked about the possibility of seeing him back on stage.

“There’s so much music coming and I’m really proud of it. You don’t need to see it live – just listen.”

Explaining his stance on Silverchair further John’s noted that “I was firm that Silverchair was not getting back together and one of the other members kept saying ‘No, we’re just on a break and we’ll be back’,” (both former drummer Ben Gilles and bassist Chris Joannou have said they might just be on a break in the past).

“I was like, ‘This is really starting to really affect my mental health because I’m saying that’s it. And every time I tried to tell the truth, someone told a lie’.

“So I said, ‘I wouldn’t get Silverchair back together with a gun to my head or a million bucks.’ Maybe that was too harsh in hindsight.”

While we won’t be seeing Silverchair kicking out the likes of ‘Without You’ or ‘Israel’s Son’ anytime soon we can hopefully look forward to new music from Johns in the future, who recently penned a lengthy letter explaining why he hadn’t released any new music since 2018’s No-One Defeats Us record- made under the name DREAMS’ in collaboration with Luke Steele of Empire Of The Sun.

“Sometimes I need to feel like a human being and feel what other human beings feel without believing that I am important or creative. I am not. I need to create. There is no need for people to see, hear or appreciate it,” he said in an Instagram post, which has since been taken down.

“I have been learning that the longer I’m away from people’s opinions the stronger I become. Art is not a way to receive validation. I believe it’s a way to feel connected to whatever this is and not a way to make people feel something for you. I’m not sure what I’m doing? I am sure how I want to do it though.”

Johns recently launched a podcast titled Who Is Daniel Johns? where he sits down with some of the biggest names in music and entertainment, including Kevin Parker, Billy Corgan, and Tom Delong amongst others.

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