D’Arcy Wretzky Says Billy Corgan “Can’t Sing”, Accuses Him Of Hating His Fans

Smashing Pumpkins‘ ex-bassist D’Arcy Wretzky has claimed lead singer Billy Corgan “can’t sing for shit”, as their nasty feud rages on like a rat in a cage.

The bad blood between the pair has continued to increase since the announcement of a reunion tour which won’t feature Wretzky, and now in an interview with Alternative Nation, she has taken absolutely no prisoners, going in on her former bandmate.

“He can’t sing for shit, and he knows it, so he makes sure that everybody else in the band is going to play perfectly to make up for it,” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if his singing is terrible, but if you play a fucking wrong note or anything, there is hell to pay. That’s some big time insecurity.”

Wretzky also went on to discuss those insecurities, saying Corgan used to complain to her about how he felt about his looks.

“He’d be like, ‘You two are better looking than 90% of the rest of the people on the planet! You have this, and you have that! My life is miserable! Blah blah blah!’,” she said, “Over and over, and over again! He thinks he’s ugly, so he surrounds himself with beautiful people.”

On top of that, she also accused him of hating the band’s fans and loving to humiliate them.

“He always used to scream and bitch at the audience and stuff, he told me he really thought people wanted that,” she said. “I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ He’s like, ‘No, really, I did?’”

This all comes after Wretzky previously leaked alleged text messages from Corgan assuring her that she’d be a part of the reunion and a scathing interview she did with Alternative Press where, among other things, she said she thinks Corgan “has a brain tumor”.

The Shiny and Oh So Bright tour, announced last month, will apparently feature a colossal 33-song setlist, and will be the first time Corgan, guitarist Jimmy Iha and drummer Jimmy Chamberlin have shared a stage in almost 20 years.

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