Dark Mofo’s Controversial Crosses Inspire Competing Petitions To Have Them Removed Or Made Permanent

The controversial inverted crosses erected for Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival have continued to divide opinion, with competing petitions launched to have them removed or made permanent.

After a number of local Christians raised concerns about the crosses last week, a petition was launched calling on Hobart’s Lord Mayor Ron Christie to have them removed.

Since launching yesterday, the petition has already gathered over 2,000 signatures at the time of writing.

“We are asking you to arrange to immediately REMOVE the inverted crosses that were erected by Dark Mofo around Hobart for the winter festival,” the petition reads.

“The cross is a deeply meaningful and important symbol for all Christians in this nation, and indeed across the world.”

Meanwhile, a separate petition, created by user Michael Green, is calling for the crosses to be made a “permanent fixture” in Hobart.

At the time of writing, that petition only has 22 signatories.

In a statement to Music Feeds last week, Dark Mofo Creative Director Leigh Carmichael defended the crosses, saying, “The cross is a powerful and deeply significant historical symbol, that has been used for thousands of years, with many cross-cultural meanings.

“For many, this symbol evokes an emotional response for reasons that we don’t fully understand.

“While we respect and understand different interpretations, we cannot be responsible for attitudes that people bring to the festival.”

Dark Mofo will take place in and around Hobart later this month, with performances from the likes of St. Vincent, Zola Jesus and Alice Glass. Check out the lineup’s music highlights right here.

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