Daryl Braithwaite Confirms Daft Punk Sample, Thought They Were A Metal Band

Daryl Braithwaite has confirmed that Daft Punk sampled his former band Sherbet. According to Braithwaite, Daft Punk used a portion of We Ride Tonight, from the Sherbs’ 1981 album Defying Gravity, for their new track, Contact.

Contact is the final track on Daft Punk’s upcoming record Random Access Memories, which is due out Friday, 17th May. In an interview featured in The Age, Braithwaite confirmed earlier reports that the Sherbet snippet is the only sample used on Random Access Memories:

“It’s the only thing they’ve sampled worldwide of any band, which is great. I mean then being also part writer of the song, YAY!”

Not one to fake it, Braithwaite doesn’t pretend to be a long-time fan of Daft Punk. In fact the The Horses singer admits to only having looked up the French duo a couple of months ago, when he first got word of the possible Sherbs’ sample:

“It was out of the blue … and now it looks like Daft Punk is going to be one of the big releases of the year.

“I’d heard of Daft Punk but I thought they were actually heavy metal. I know they’re robots and they wear helmets and that they’ve been quite successful for a number of years.”

Seem like Daft Punk is set to become even bigger superstars now that they’re sampling Australian music royalty.

Watch: Daryl Braithwaite on Daft Punk sampling The Sherbs

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