Coal Chamber’s Rayna Foss Is Not Missing, Says Daughter

In recent days, media outlets around the world (including Music Feeds) have reported on the supposed disappearance of former Coal Chamber bass player, Rayna Foss. But Foss’ daughter, Kayla Rose, has contradicted these reports, confirming her mother is not missing.

Rose, 22, posted this message on her private Instagram:

Let me set the record straight. I’ve seen all of the posts regarding that my mother Rayna has been missing since September. I have no idea where these stories are coming from. I spoke to my mother as recently as yesterday, and we have never lost contact. My grandparents have also been in contact with my mother, and we all know exactly where she is. I have a message in to the New Orleans Police Department advising them of this and am waiting for them to respond.

The Fox-affiliated television station, WVUE New Orleans, was the first outlet to report on Foss’ supposed disappearance. According to the report, Foss’ group home manager alerted the New Orleans Police Department to her disappearance in mid-September 2021.

For whatever reason – a slow news week, most likely – the story blew up earlier this week. Foss’ daughter concluded her message with some handy advice for reporters:

Hopefully there won’t be a next time, but maybe someone can check before running these stories that end up disrupting my entire family in the future.

Rayna Foss was one of the original members of Californian nu metal band Coal Chamber. Foss joined the band in 1994 and played on the albums, Coal Chamber (1997), Chamber Music (1999) and Dark Days (2002).

She left the group in 2002 to focus on raising her daughter, whose father is the drummer, Morgan Rose, of alt-metal band Sevendust.

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