Dave Grohl Is Getting His Own HBO TV Show

Foo Fighters’ prolific frontman and now accomplished filmmaker Dave Grohl will reportedly helm his own TV series for HBO which will see the musician visiting and recording music at various studios around the world.

Paul Brannigan, who wrote the Dave Grohl biography This Is a Call: The Life and Times of Dave Grohl, broke the news on Classic Rock Magazine, claiming the as-yet-untitled program looks to expand on concepts explored in Grohl’s 2013 documentary, Sound City.

Grohl will also conduct interviews for the series, speaking with some of the artists who have recorded at each of the studios including KISS frontman Paul Stanley, Heart‘s Nancy Wilson, Joe Walsh from The Eagles and Dischord Records head honcho Ian MacKaye.

Brannigan didn’t reveal the full list of studios documented in the series, but noted that Steve Albini‘s Electrical Audio and Don Zientara’s Inner Ear studios in Washington D.C., where Fugazi and Grohl’s pre-Nirvana punk rock band Scream recorded, will appear in the series.

Also expected to appears is Rancho De La Luna, the California studio frequented by Queens Of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys and most recently the Foo Fighters themselves. In fact, as avid Foo fans will surely have noted, all these studios are ones where the band have reportedly been spotted recording at in recent months.

Reports began surfacing earlier this year that Foo Fighters were recording their new album in 12 different studios, across 12 different cities, when a fan using the Twitter account FooArchive tweeted an excerpt from Billboard’s Over Heard rumours column. The post suggested New York, Seattle, Los Angeles and Chicago were definite choices.

The show is expected to air on HBO this winter however neither Grohl nor the network have yet confirmed any details.

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