Dave Grohl Strikes Again, Writes Nandi Bushell Her Own Theme Song

Sure 2020 has offered us some rivalries that have encompassed us all, but no rivalry – perhaps ever – has been as riveting and as wholesome as that of Dave Grohl vs. 10-year-old Nandi Bushell.

The most recent saga of their drum-off saw the Foo Fighters frontman challenge Bushell to drum-off to ‘Dead End Friends’, originally performed by Grohl’s collaborative project with Josh Homme, Them Crooked Vultures.

Bushell, unsurprisingly, had him beat for beat.

Now, Grohl has returned with an ultimate challenge – a drum-off to a song that Grohl wrote on the spot. And, because he’s the bloody best, turns out the song is essentially an ode to Nandi herself.

“Number one supergirl / Best drummer in the world / Always right on time / Hero wunderkind” Grohl sings over his drumming, with backup vocals from ‘The Grohlettes’.

And, as she never misses a beat, Nandi has already watched the video and recorded her reaction. Make sure to watch until the very end if you really need your heart warmed.

Nandi has promised to cover the song in its entirety, on every instrument Grohl played. Stay tuned for her return serve, and watch her response below.


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