Dave Grohl Will Challenge Animal To A Drum-Off In New Muppets Episode

Multi-instrumental rocklord Dave Grohl will go head-to-head against the greatest puppet drummer of all time, Animal, in what’s sure to be the most intense competitive display of rhythmic tekkers since the great Will Ferrell V Chad Smith drum-off of 2014. 



The two hairy AF beat machines will rock-off against each other in the ultimate battle of percussive preeminence during an upcoming episode of The Muppets.

And it’s bound to be a tense showdown. The pair have been rivals since 2011’s Muppets movie, when the Foo Fighters frontman was tapped to replace Animal in his band, The Moopets.

Jim Henson’s much-loved furry crew of singing frogs, diva pigs, giant teddy bears and whatever the fuck this thing is made their triumphant return to the small screen in September with a new ‘contemporary, documentary-style show’.

Grohl is set to cameo for the drum-off in an upcoming episode entitled Going, Going, Gonzo, which will also star loveable acting dynamo, Joseph Gordon Levitt.

It’s set to air on US TV on December 1st which, frankly, can’t come around fast enough.

Still plenty of time to place your bets on the victor. As Grohl’s reccently broken leg can attest, both dudes are willing to endure plenty of pain in the name of rock n’ roll, so it’s pretty much anyone’s race at this point.


Chances are Animal probs won’t be a very graceful loser though. Game on Grohl.

Check out the head Foo’s 2011 Muppets cameo, below.

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