David Bowie’s Ashes Reportedly Scattered At Burning Man Festival

UPDATE 13/09/16: David Bowie’s management has denied claims that some of his ashes were scattered at Burning Man:

ORIGINAL STORY: The week-long hedonist mecca that is Burning Man festival has now concluded for the year. This year, it seems, was more special than most, with reports coming in that David Bowie’s ashes were scattered at the event after some were scattered in Bali earlier this year.

E! initially reported the scattering (via NME), adding that Bowie’s godchild received the approval of his widow, Iman, to take a portion of the legend’s remains to the festival, to be set free at The Temple of Black Rock City. The temple was set up specifically for punters to commemorate their lost loved ones, and at the end of the week it was symbolically burned to the ground.

The news comes after an apparent eyewitness who claimed they met the godchild and “had long talks about Burning Man and what it stands for, and David loved the message behind it”, although that could have just been some next level trips, right?

Bowie continues to live on after death in many, many ways. His final album Black Star was awarded with a Mercury Prize this year, unreleased music from the man himself will be released shortly, and our very own Melbourne Festival has announced three nights of tribute performances.

On top of all that, the man even got a tip of the hat from Frank Ocean, as one of the muses for his new album Blonde.

Watch: David Bowie – ‘Lazarus’

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