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David Bowie Tells Lorde She Is The Future

Written by Greg Moskovitch on January 4, 2014

Currently gearing up for a headline tour of North America that kicks off in Austin, Texas in March, Lorde recently took some time to gush about the time she and rock and roll legend David Bowie held hands and stared into each other’s eyes as the glam icon told her he thinks she is the future.

“Meeting David Bowie was like that,” Lorde told Rookie Magazine, when asked about her life “coming full circle.” “To have someone like that tell you that listening to you felt like listening to tomorrow. It was super cute, though – for some reason, we were holding hands and just staring into each other’s eyes and talking, and I was like, This is David Bowie’s hand, what am I doing?”

“It was insane. A beautiful moment,” she added, before moving onto her love of Frenchmen Phoenix, who she says exist in an “incredible realm” she wishes to inhabit. “Their live show is perfectly simple and easy to understand and they have confetti cannons and all that, but it’s inspiring to me in ways that I don’t even fully understand…you just have waves of stuff wash over you,” she said.

(Via Rolling Stone)

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