David Lee Roth’s A Cappella Cover Of ‘Happy’ Is Something Else

We at Music Feeds are of the opinion that Van Halen frontman David Lee Roth can pretty much do whatever he wants, because he can make just about anything work. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that what he chooses to do isn’t worthy of a raised eyebrow or two, like his cover of Happy.

As Blabbermouth reports, Roth attended an April concert by American a cappella group Naturally 7 in Tokyo, visiting them backstage and joining them in a cover of the Pharrell Williams smash hit, and in a recent episode of his web series The Roth Show, he takes viewers into his own recorded cover.

In other Roth news, during a recent instalment of The Roth Show, the titular host revealed that he and his legendary outfit are working on a secret project, which he described as “a little bit of a scrapbook… [I’ve been] working on a great Van Halen project — can’t announce anything.”

Roth said during an interview late last year that the band had begun work on a new record, saying the band “plays together routinely.” In the meantime, check out Roth’s rendition of Happy below, which sounds like a William Shatner recording crossed with a Nickelodeon show theme song.

Watch: The Roth Show – David Lee Roth Covers Pharrell Williams’ Happy

Watch: The Roth Show – David Lee Roth and Naturally 7 Get Happy

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