Dazzle Me This #5 – Postmarks & Cupcakes

I’ve only heard a smattering of songs from Florida band The Postmarks before, but I remember liking what I heard. I should probably tell you, I love postcards – getting them, writing them, reading them, buying them, putting stamps on them, sending them – you get the idea.

Anyway, the band’s name reminds me of postcards, and their new album Memoirs At The End Of The World is one of the most genius amalgamations I’ve ever heard of. I’ll have to preface this with the fact that I dig movie soundtracks and movie scores too. In fact, who has the job of choosing songs for movie soundtracks? That might possibly be my ultimate dream job. Call me if you’re hiring.

Memoirs At the End Of The World is like a combination of my favourite brand of lo-fi indie dream pop, with the film score of an epic drama. In that way, all the songs seemed to be linked to one and other, telling a story and playing with your emotions in much the same way as a film can do.

On the other hand though, because it is peppered with thoughtful lyrics and beautiful melodies, as well as these big grand sweeping gestures of instrumentation, you can pluck a track out of the mix and it stands alone as a great, slow-burning pop song.

Standout tracks for me from the thirteen on offer here from vocalist with a boy’s name Tim Yehezkely, and instrumentalists Christopher Moll and Jon Wilkins are the melancholy opener No One Said This Would Be Easy and the much catchier Go Jetsetter.

The world of film music is always a tricky one, mixing the visual and aural experience, and here’s a band trying their hand at a sweeping score/soundtrack but with no epic drama behind them. This is the first time the band has attempted anything like this, and I think the proof that they’ve done a good job lies in the fact that I want to rifle through their back catalogue to see how they came to this point.

On to this week’s mini-mix. I baked the most delicious cupcakes the other day after finding a recipe for jam doughnut cupcakes. Jam doughnut cupcakes – can you think of three other words in the English language that look and sound so good together? While I was getting my bake on, I made a mixtape of songs that were about all things sweet, and here’s a selection of three of those tasty treats for your ears. Cupcake out. X

[youtube m3b9E1p9uOA]

Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

I could not get enough of this song when it first came out, and admittedly I think it potentially got a bit of overplay in my house and in my ears. But I whipped it out as I was whipping up my sweet treats and was reminded of its glory. Get the album Conditions if you haven’t already.

[youtube 2QjGJcYWOKA]

Sipping On Sweet Nectar – Jens Lekman

When I listen to this sugary little ditty, I want to put on a candy-coloured dress, with lots of ruffles and possibly some taffeta, and go disco dancing in that amazing lolly room with the chocolate river from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

[youtube fcM2mGq0LVw]

Blood Sugar Love – The Real Tuesday Weld

You know that sweet, sweet rush that can only come from chomping down on some sugary delights? Do that in tandem with listening to this track and your head might nearly explode… in a good way.

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