Deadmau5: “EDM Is A Massively Marketed Cruise Ship, And It’s Sinking Fast”

Deadmau5 has continued his rant about EDM “button pushers” in another Tumblr post overnight. The outspoken DJ explained that the biggest problem with EDM now is that there are “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

“The pauly D’s the Paris Hilton’s, the play pressers, it’s all part of this same point I’ve been trying to make I guess”, he said. “EDM has turned into a massively marketed cruise ship, and it’s sinking fast. Not because of all the passengers, but perhaps there are too many cooks in the kitchen.”

Deadmau5 believes that EDM has now become as commercially viable as coca cola and is worried by the trend of “reality stars and famous-for-nothing celebrities turning into overnight DJs”.

“EDM is as commercially viable as coca cola. And what ‘popular’ entity WOULDN’T want to cash in on that?, he said.

He finished the post by announcing his escape plan.

“All I’m trying to do, is put on my life jacket and swim as far away from this shipwreck as fast as I can. Because in all honesty, I just wanna be in the studio, making electronic music, and expressing myself by means of sitting in a comfy chair with my cat and my equipment”…

Read the full blog post here.

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