Death Grips Are Here To Confuse Us Again With A 32 Minute Video That Might Feature New Music

Experimental hip-hop group Death Grips are one of the most notoriously unpredictable acts in music, and today the Californian trio have done nothing but reinforce that reputation by uploading a weird new interview video.

It’s pretty much not like any interview you’ve ever seen, with footage including the band hanging out, jamming and chatting to TV host Matthew Hoffman. The twist lies in that the entire audio track is extra-diegetic, that is; an instrumental track that is entirely unrelated to what is going on within the narrative of the clip itself.

The video itself runs for over half an hour and there is no indication regarding where the music is from. Weird camera angles and unusually close-up face shots are also employed, while the entire video has been edited to run with a spooky green hue.

What we do know is that the band is currently working on a new album called Bottomless Pit, with a release date yet to be announced.

Watch: Death Grips – Interview 2016

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