Death Grips Say Lollapalooza No-Show Was, In Fact, The Whole Show

After they left fans at a recent Lollapalooza after party hanging, it’s been revealed that Death Grips planned on disappointing their fans the entire time.

It seems that the no-show was, in fact, the performance and the fans were unknowingly in the middle of the show though it’s safe to say none of that will be of any consolation to them.

Erin O’Neal, marketing director for Chicago’s Bottom lounge venue, which was supposed to host the official after party show has explained that the Death Grips music being played, the stage set up and the projected image of a suicide note was all part of the performance, and that the band were never going to be performing.

The venue was told the band were in transit, only to be then told by the same tour manager that the manufactured environment. O’Neal said, “It appears to us that, despite having a signed contract, they never intended on performing last night and instead wanted to leave a room of disappointed fans.”

On the evening, fans trashed the stage in retaliation to the snub, including destroying a drum kit previously reported to be that of the band’s drummer Zach Hill which is now said to be nothing more than a child’s practice kit.

It’s hard to tell just who benefits from this concept – certainly not the fans at the show, or the ones planning to attend one of the many future performances the band have scrapped. Following the Lollapalooza cancellation, a rep for the band commented “Management and band MIA still” which is hardly inspiring for fans hoping to attend some of the bands upcoming yet-to-be-cancelled shows.


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