Death Grips Site Shut Down After Hip Hop Trio Leak Own Album

In a classic case of ‘sticking to the man’ Californian hip hop outfit Death Grips decided to leak their sophomore record No Love Deep Web without the permission of their label Epic. As reported by Billboard, Death Grips made statements via the band’s Twitter account and Facebook page promising to independently release their new LP after Epic delayed the album’s release date from later this month to ‘sometime’ in 2013.

Staying true to their word, Death Grips uploaded No Love Deep Web to SoundCloud approximately 17 hours ago as well as making the album available for download from various torrent sites and posting the new songs on YouTube. Although the move has gained Death Grips strong media coverage and a groundswell of support from the public, it has appeared to anger someone who has the power to take down Death Grips’ official website.

Fingers quickly pointed to Epic, with Death Grips tweeting “our sight just got shut down – BASIC AS FUCK”, but as reported by Pitchfork, the label has denied any involvement in removing the band’s site. It’s unclear at the moment as to whether Epic will ever officially release Death Grips’ No Love Deep Web, but the bold move has certainly paid off in notoriety for the American hip hop group. For all the latest Death Grips’ news, check out the band’s constantly updating Twitter account.

Oh by the way, here’s the album’s official cover art… Perhaps it has something to do with Epic delaying the release of No Love Deep Web until an unspecified time next year…


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