Death Grips Are Working With An Aussie Artist Who Plays Broken Glass With His Face

Sacramento hip-hop band Death Grips have announced that they are working with Lucas Abela, one of this country’s most unusual artists.

As you can see in the picture above, Abela, who also performs under the name Justice Yeldham, has made a name for himself by playing broken glass with his face. Basically, the glass is fitted with contact microphones that amplify the vibrations of the glass against his mouth.

It’s all very gory but in-line with Death Grips experimental way of making music and performing.

They announced the collaboration on Facebook with images of Abela and the caption, “Working with Lucas Abela,” which doesn’t give away very much at all.

Abela gave more detail on his Justice Yeldham Facebook page writing, “Passing through Sacramento last month stopped in to visit Zach and laid down some track for Death Grips to ride.”

The Zach he’s referring to is Death Grips member Zach Hill who was working on music in Sacramento where the band was founded.

Check out the posts below plus a video of Abela in action so you can get a feel for what he does.

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