Decemberists Not Splitting: Meloy

The Decemberists‘ frontman Colin Meloy has moved to quash suggestions the band may be on the verge of splitting up.

Alarm bells started ringing among fans when Meloy said the band were on ‘hiatus’, but he has now confirmed the group remain an entity and will reconvene at some point in the future, though when, no one knows.

As Spinner reports, the band, who hail from Portland, Oregon, do plan to work together again once when their current tour wraps up in a few months. However, their moves are somewhat affected by the fact that keyboard player Jenny Conlee has been diagnosed with cancer as well as Meloy himself being about to publish a book with his wife.

So when they might return to the studio is a little up in the air, but Meloy told the PA (via Contact Music) that the world will once again hear new music from the Decemberists.

He said, “Nothing could be farther from the truth. With this record I feel we have a whole world in front of us with plenty of options and I’m excited to continue writing music for the Decemberists and performing with the Decemberists.”

He added that his attention for the time being is focused on the book, Wildwood, a collaborative effort with his artist wife Carson Ellis. Juggling competing projects is a no-go, apparently.

“I’ve managed to pull it off over the last year and a half but it owes a lot to chance and luck and, thankfully, some creative epiphanies. I think it would water down both things if I tried to do them at the same time.”

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