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Delivery Announce Signing To Heavenly Recordings With A New Single ‘Digging The Hole’

Building a name for themselves as one of the hardest-working bands throughout Australia, Delivery has finally achieved a record deal with Heavenly Recordings and released their first single after signing, ‘Digging The Hole’.

The band is in blistering energy throughout, letting you listen to every note being hit home and strongly driven; it moves beautifully through the intense middle section that builds up unto an overblown finale and introduces the listener to their favourite new band.

Delivery – ‘Digging The Hole’

The band shared the following background on the song: “Digging The Hole’ was the first track thrown in the mix for our upcoming album and it definitely set the tone of things to come. It was written in a rush, combining a bunch of unused ideas, with vocals and guitar leads completely ad-libbed on the spot as it was demoed.”

He added. “The final song ended up with more twists and turns than a Sherlock episode, but at the same time seemed to make perfect sense to me. Musically, it draws from a bunch of our typical influences: The Hives, The Intelligence, Parquet Courts, The Ramones as well as borrowing some tricks from our favorite Melbourne contemporaries. And lyrically… well, there are some people who take on the grunt work and there are some people who don’t mind shoveling the dirt back in and undoing all the effort. Digging The Hole is a reminder to be the person who keeps digging that hole, even when someone is filling it right back in again.”

Known to many as the most exciting band in Australia, Delivery released the much-anticipated first album, ‘Forever Giving Handshakes;, in 2023. It received great applause and spotted admirers in Henry Rollins, with Rolling Stone Australia listing its Top 10 albums of 2022. Cool and in a very DIY style, Delivery has gained a reputation for being one of those bands whose name everyone loves—audiences and other bands alike.

They’ve sold out headline shows from Melbourne to Berlin and proved themselves at the Golden Plains and Meadow Festivals. Hours of suggestions and 20-plus European dates have brought them to this show at Windmill Brixton.

Heavenly Recordings is now about to be the host of their second album, which will be released shortly.

You can stream their new single ‘Digging The Hole’ here.

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