Delta Goodrem Reveals She Spent 2019 Learning To Talk Again Following Complications From Surgery

Australia’s pop darling Delta Goodrem has revealed the inspiring story behind her new single ‘Paralyzed’, and shed light on the reason why it’s taken her so long to release new music.

Posting a video on her social channels tonight, the singer revealed that, due to complications during the surgical removal of her salivary gland in October 2018, a nerve in her tongue became paralysed and she had to learn how to talk — and sing — all over again.

The emotional video features footage charting the course of Delta’s recovery — from her hospital bed, where she reflects on the adversity as an opportunity for “rebirth”, to the many tear-filled lows she suffered trying to get her instrument back in working order over the course of a year and, finally, to the completion of her new album and the triumphant release of her first post-rehabilitation single ‘Paralyzed’.

“I wanted to share my story and say why I hadn’t had music out for so long, and why this song, and why I wrote it,” the singer explains in the clip. “It’s been a strange process not actually sharing it straight away, but I just didn’t know if I was ready yet.”

It’s definitely very touching and inspiring stuff from one of Australia’s biggest pop heroes. We have no choice but to stan.

Watch the tear-jerker clip, and listen to Delta’s new single ‘Paralyzed’, below.

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