Departing Presenter Kyran Wheatley Delivers Stirring On-Air Farewell To Triple J

Alongside Matt & Alex and Lewi McKirdy, weekend presenter Kyran Wheatley is leaving triple j at the end of this year and he’s delivered a pretty emotional goodbye on-air.

Wheatley was on radio Saturdays and Sundays with Gen Fricker, who will be taking McKirdy’s role on the weekday lunchtime slot, but he’s leaving the station after six years to focus on comedy and podcasts.

As Pedestrian reports, on-air yesterday he attempted to answer a question someone asked him at a bar in regards to him leaving, “why would you do that?”

He didn’t really give an answer to that question, instead looking back on his time at triple j, calling the station, “a really special place.”

“It was a way of life that I tuned into. Millions of us tune into this station because we don’t fit in – we’re queer, we’re immigrants… we don’t fit in.”

“That’s what is so fucking amazing about this place. We’re in this massive dumb club. You’re a Triple J listener,” he continued.

“The idea that I’m one of the club members… the kid, growing up, would never have believed that.”

If anything, his attempt to answer the initial question only made giving a proper answer harder.

“For all those reasons, the guy at the bar is right. ‘Why would you leave?’ I don’t know. I’ll figure it out,” he concluded.

Wheatley’s emotional farewell, comes days after Matt & Alex tearily announced on-air that they would be finishing up at the end of the year.

He’ll be replaced by Dylan Alcott who will also be dropping into the breakfast slot from time to time.

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