Depeche Mode Say Simon Cowell Should Be Shot For Crimes Against Music

Slipknot’s frontman Corey Taylor may have Bieber Fever but Depeche Mode guitarist Martin Gore isn’t softening his stance on prefab pop stars and the powers that promote them. In a recent interview with Music Week, Gore has taken aim at ex-American Idol judge and X-Factor creator Simon Cowell for crimes against music.

“I’m not advocating violence, but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell,” Gore told Music Week, according to Diffuser. “His influence in the music industry over [several] years now… it’s just like, so many people think that that’s what music is. What happened to bands getting together? They are very few and far between now and the ones that do probably can’t afford to get into a studio and make a record.”

The English electronic act’s frontman Dave Gahan threw in his two cents as well. Gahan noted that the music business is a rather bleak industry nowadays and Depeche Mode were fortunate to have worked with producer Daniel Miller, who never pushed for a hit single.

“It’s a pretty horrible business today really, I’ve got to say,” Gahan explained. “You have to be tough and you’ve got to be thick skinned because there are going to be things written about you that you’re not going to like. You’re going to get scrutinized, your work will not always be liked and if they do like something really a lot they’re probably not going to like the next thing and compare it to the last thing.”

“It takes time for a band to grow if they’re any good. We were lucky that we were taken under the wing of [producer] Daniel Miller who never once in the studio said, ‘Where’s the hit song?’”

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