Descendents Have Announced Their First Album In 12 Years & Dropped A New Single

It’s rare we hear from formative punks Descendents, but when we do it’s always about something awesome. Today the band have announced Hypercaffium Spazzinate, their first album in 12 years and you can hear the first slice of sonic mischief, Victim of Me now.

The sweaty, hairy, short-of-breath, in-and-out-in-90-seconds burst is a complete breath of fresh air. The unapologetically rough vocals of Milo Aukerman cut through in this world of pitch-perfect auto-tune, suggesting that now more than ever we need the message of the Descendents.

Accordng to the band, the new album is “16 tracks of caffeine fuelled songs that we are very proud of and are Basemaster General™ approved.”

In a statement released about all the hubbub, Aukerman said “I think one of the things that’s kept us inspired over the years is having the music as an outlet for our frustrations. Having the freedom to completely blow my voice out every time I recorded was a very positive experience for me.”

The band has been largely dormant since 2004’s Cool to Be You, but like any Force Majure, they’ve made their presence felt in a live sense here and there. Over the past decade their Australian tours have doubled – considering it was their first ever for 2010’s No Sleep Til – so there’s a chance we may actually get an album tour. For once. In four decades.

Hypercaffium Spazzinate drops Friday, 29th July.

LISTEN: Descendents – Victim Of Me

Hypercaffium Spazzinate Tracklist

1. Feel This

2. Victim Of Me

3. On Paper

4. Shameless Halo

5. No Fat Burger

6. Testosterone

7. Without Love

8. We Got Defeat

9. Smile

10. Limiter

11. Fighting Myself

12. Spineless and Scarlet Red

13. Human Being

14. Full Circle

15. Comeback Kid

16. Beyond The Music

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