Destiny’s Child Reunion Interrupted By Football Game, Beyonce Wins The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl half-time show, which sees viewership increase by 3 million only to drop off again once the game resumes, has now wrapped up for 2013, leaving NFL players in the awkward position of having to follow up the almighty Queen Bey. Beyonce wowed the massive audience at the Super Dome, blazing through a dazzling performance and light show (including a literal wall of Holo-Beyonces) then reintroducing the world to the group that started it all, Destiny’s Child.

Beyonce – who was NOT lip-syncing by the way – rolled seamlessly through a nice cross-section of her mega hits, including Crazy In Love and End Of Time before being joined by her Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland for the first time in many, many years. Together the trio ticked off a handful of hits from their time together, including Bootylicious, Independent Woman and colluded on Beyonce’s own Single Ladies as a finale.

Beyonce then once again took to the stage on her lonesome to perform Halo. Dressed in an all-black leathery number and standing on a raised platform, the show was a full-on spectacle with plenty of smoke and mirrors, according to the Huffington Post.

The next performance was from Jennifer Hudson and a choir of children from Sandy Hook Elementary School who sang America the Beautiful. Alicia Keys was chosen to perform the national anthem and did so with a tonne of class.

Before Beyonce and Destiny’s Child could resume their set, a football game began and is currently still underway.

Reports have come through that the stadium is suffering a blackout – someone is so fired for that – but there appears to be no other forms of drama, unlike previous years with M.I.A flipping off 114 million people, and Janet Jackson exposing herself infront of a similar number. But it’s not over yet.

Hopefully the below video hasn’t been taken down yet. Get in quick – enjoy!

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