Did Billie Joe Perform At Mark Zuckerberg’s Wedding?

It’s been a pretty big week for Zucker: scoring a cheeky billion or so after publicly listing Facebook on the NASDAQ and marrying his long-term girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. Now, a somewhat clear video recorded from the street outside posted by TMZ shows that it gets even better, with Green Day’s Billy Joe Armstrong serenading the couple at the wedding.

So, given the private nature of Zuckerberg, reports haven’t been 100% confirmed, but it’s pretty obvious once you hear the voice. It is clearly heard saying: “Mark wanted me to play this song” – general traffic noise interjects briefly but passes – “They are gonna dance, they’re gonna dance. This song is one that I wrote for my wife on 18 years — it better be for her, or I’d be in deep trouble. This song is called ‘Last Man on Earth’.”

It doesn’t sound so far fetched, I mean with that kind of cash behind you, anything is possible really. And who knows, maybe Armstrong (obviously a romantic) did it pro bono. Either way, that’s going to be a tough week to top! Check out the footage here; what do you think?

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