Did Ellie Goulding Lip-Sync At The 2015 AFL Grand Final?

A “technical issue” during Ellie Goulding‘s performance at yesterday’s AFL Grand Final has led some viewers to suggest the British singer actually lip-synced her performance at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

As footage below shows, Goulding takes to the stage to perform ahead of the Grand Final (which, SPOILERS, was won by Hawthorn) and her song Love Me Like You Do is heard playing through the broadcast, complete with her pre-recorded vocals. As the track quietly plays, Goulding doesn’t sing, and can be seen walking around the stage with her microphone at her side.

What the footage below doesn’t show is that after Love Me Like You Do suddenly cuts out, the song starts up again at a louder volume and Goulding begins singing.

Goulding has since responded to allegations of lip-syncing on Twitter, saying, “Love it when people think I lip sync, what a rad compliment.”

Goulding, who says she has been unwell over the last week, posted further messages to reassure fans she was actually singing during her pre-game performance.

“Considering I had no voice yesterday and a sleepless night because of the meds I would say it’s been a good day,” Goulding tweeted.

“I give 100% in my performances even when people don’t give much back. My fans know that. That’s because I love what I do so much.

“Truth be told I’ve been unwell the past week and I could do with a long spell chill but I was determined to give everything for Oz today.”

As Huffington Post Australia reports, a since-deleted tweet of Goulding’s read, “Incidentally the sound guy who pressed playback twice and triggered both band tracks simultaneously is nowhere to be seen.”

Michael Gudinski, the producer of the 2015 AFL Grand Final Entertainment and head honcho of Frontier Touring, says Goulding did not lip-sync her pre-game performance, but admits not all the instrumentation was live.

“Ellie performed live vocals to a backing track. This is a very common practice for performances in situations such as the Grand Final,” Mr Gudinski says.

“Unfortunately a technical issue at the start of Ellie’s performance caused a brief hiccup, but Ellie went on to prove just how much of a superstar she is, belting out two of her massive hits. Claims that Ellie lip synced her performance are absolutely untrue.”

Catch the “technical issue” which kicked off Ellie Goulding’s AFL Grand Final performance below, alongside some Aussie acts the AFL should have booked for the Grand Final, but didn’t.

Watch: Did Ellie Goulding Lip-Sync At The 2015 AFL Grand Final?

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