A Diehard Tame Impala Fan Made This Amateur Documentary About The Band

A diehard fan of Perth band Tame Impala has put together a 30-minute amateur documentary about the group’s history and uploaded it to YouTube, probably so that the world can learn more about the band and just how hardcore some of their fans are.

American Tame Impala fan Robbie Arroyo, who goes by the name Beach Impala on YouTube, shared his homemade documentary on the interwebs last month, and it’s getting some attention even though it mainly consists of online clips of the band performing and being interviewed, as well as some voiceover narration. There’s even some old-school Music Feeds interview footage in there to boot!

Arroyo’s documentary (below) is titled From Down Under To On Top, and charts Tame Impala’s rise to fame. Arroyo says he was inspired to make the video after watching the fan-made Mac Demarco documentary Tossed Salad.

“There is not yet a true Tame Impala ‘documentary’ on YouTube. So, I took the liberty of creating one myself,” Arroyo says.

“It’s the first such project I’ve ever done, but it was a lot of fun (I did it in four days though, so it’s certainly not the most professional).”

Catch From Down Under To On Top in full, below.

Watch: From Down Under To On Top: Tame Impala

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