Diplo Is Streaming Some Truly Bizarre Live Sets From His Home

Diplo has brought years of joy to the electronic music community over the past few decades, and now he’s setting a fantastic example of social distancing.

Each weekend, he’s live streaming a couple of sets that last around two hours or so, and they are all coming at you with wildly different musical styles.

It all started last weekend, with a two-part set called ‘A Very Lazer Sunday’.

Since then he’s brought us Ronatronix, and The Thomas Wesley Show, two hours of country, blues, world music and heaps more

“You guys got any requests for styles of music? If not, i’m just gonna get drunk and I don’t know what’s gonna happen,” he said during the Thomas Wesley set.

We also got an exceptionally chilled set that he titled Corona Sabbath, and was joined by Secular Sabbath with Rye.

And these aren’t just videos of Diplo standing over some decks. Each one has seen him fully pimp out his living room with decorations, strobes, smoke machines, cowboy memorabilia, and heaps more.

On Sunday, we got Coronight Fever, a b2b set with Dillon Francis.

From the looks of things we’ve got a weekly schedule that our socially-distanced daddy will be keeping to for the foreseeable future!

Remember the set times are Pacific Time, so convert to your local timezone to get in on the party.

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