Disturbed’s Frontman Singing Like A Chipmunk Is The Weirdest Thing You’ll Watch Today

Disturbed have out-weirded themselves again, by releasing a pretty disturbing video of their frontman David Draiman belting out the band’s song ‘Immortalized’ in the style of The Chipmunks.

You know, like Alvin And The Chipmunks?

alvin chipmunks gif

Joined by his bandmates Dan Donegan and John Moyer, Draiman begins to sing the song by “pulling out the ultra-octave”, but after about 10 seconds it looks like he instantly regrets everything.

“We warmed up for the Glasgow show with a fun ‘Chipmunks’ version of ‘Immortalized’,” Disturbed captioned the video on Facebook, before (for some reason) adding, “Enjoy!”

Disturbed toured Australia late last year, and during their run of shows they confused many-a-fan by performing their cover of Simon & Garfunkel’s ‘The Sound Of Silence’ on The X Factor Australia, so who knows what weird shit they’ll do next.

Watch Draiman sing ‘Immortalized’ in the style of The Chipmunks (if you dare), below.

Watch: Disturbed’s Frontman Singing In The Style Of The Chipmunks

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