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DJ Goes Viral After Aussie Festival-Goer Accidentally Trashes His Set

Written by Emmy Mack on April 9, 2018

A Portuguese DJ has gone viral after an overly turnt Aussie festival-goer accidentally tanked his set by grabbing his decks and bringing the whole damn DJ stand crashing down offstage.

Last weekend at the Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival in Kippenduff, near Byron Bay in NSW, DJ Louie Cut was spinning some red hot fire onstage when a fan jumped up to shake his hand for a job well done.

Unfortunately, the lit punter misjudged his dismount and accidentally ended up flipping the whole damn table, including all of Cut’s DJ gear, and injured himself in the process.

Flash-forward to now and footage of the whole incident is doing bulk gains on social media after the DJ posted it on his official Facey page.

“Just to make it clear, the kid is alright, he went to the hospital and got some stitches in his head and as far as I know he is fine now,” Cut clarified.

“The situation was solved in 10 minutes and i continued one of the most hectic sets of my career.”


Catch his video of the incident below, and prepare yourself for an influx of ‘That moment when the beat drops…’ memes.

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