DJ Hacked Into Fans’ Computers With Infected Party Invites

A Copenhagen DJ is under investigation by local authorities after he allegedly hacked into the personal computers of hundreds of fans, reportedly gaining access to their webcams and all of their personal information. The DJ’s motives are unknown, as is how many computers were targeted.

While the identity of the “well-known DJ” and that of his victims is being withheld for privacy reasons, Vice is reporting that the DJ has been under investigation since 16th April, and that Copenhagen Police have searched his apartment and are currently examining items that they’ve recovered.

Sources close to the investigation estimate that more than two hundred people have been hacked by the DJ over the course of last three years. Police have been in touch with the victims. The DJ reportedly gained entry to their computers after watching tutorials on the use of Trojan horse viruses and then sending out infected party invites that gave him access to their webcams and more.

According to one Vice associate, early warning signs from the DJ include once bugging a Skype call with another DJ who was addicted to crack, and later sampling his mutterings as vocals and mailing it to friends. This associate has reportedly been contacted by the DJ recently who shared “his story.”

So far, none of the victims have gone on the record, as they are reportedly “scared of being singled out.” The attacks were reportedly not motivated by financial gain, but by the DJ’s desire to watch people on their webcams. A charge that carries up to one-and-a-half years in prison in Denmark.

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