DMA’s Are Deep Into Recording Their Second Album With One Half Of The Presets

It’s only been just over a year since Aussie trio DMA’s released their debut album Hill’s End but they’re already well into the process of make their second.

As the band told Rolling Stone, they’re recording the album above Sydney pub The Lady Hampshire with Kim Moyes, one half of electronic duo The Presets.

Guitarists Johnny Took and Matt Mason spoke extensively about the new album, with Took saying it was sounding, “wintery”.

Took also spoke about how Moyes got involved with the process saying that originally he was only going to record drums before he fell in love with some of the tracks and wanted to be more involved.

“He heard the demos and got into them and two weeks later he was like, “These songs have really grown on me and I think I want to do more with them.” Which was kinda nice to hear from someone who doesn’t need to like it,” Took said.

It seems they’re taking some cues from the electronic maestro too with Took noting that there will be “less guitars” on some tracks.

“Less guitars but noisier ones, in some regards. One thing we are conscious of is not putting guitars on just for the sake of it,” he said.

The band originally had 37 new songs that they could’ve recorded for the record but they’ve cut it down to 20 with some of the songs, like one titled ‘Tape Deck’, written almost 10 years ago.

They’re due to finish the album in October but Mason admitted they, “keep pushing back the deadline.”

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