DMA’s Release New Single ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’, Announce New Album

Exciting news! DMA’s have shared a new single with us today, entitled ‘Life is a Game of Changing’. It’s a stylistic pivot for DMA’s with hectic production, pulsing percussion, and reverberating vocals.

Could the DMA’s be ditching the crooning guitars for good? We’ll find out on Friday, 24th April. That’s when we’ll be hearing the three-piece’s third studio album THE GLOW.

‘Life is a Game of Changing’ is the second single to come off of the new album and is apparently inspired by the early ’90s rave scene.

They’ve released a video for the new single too.

The clip’s filmed in Bangkok and Pattaya, and directed by Bill Bleakley, who says, “I went to school with Thai producer Chap Telan – he runs a production company in Bangkok called Rove Pictures. He also features in the video (he’s the guy feeding the dogs). Without Chap there’s no way we could have made this video.”

There’s a full back story for the characters in the clip too. “Chap is mates with Arm and Rik – who live close to him in a neighbourhood called Ekkamai in Bangkok. Arm runs the local tattoo parlour and Rik runs the local burger joint. These guys gave us incredible access to their real lives – letting us film at their real homes and workplaces.

“Weerapong (the kickboxer) lives in Pattaya and is Mason’s mate. When I got in contact with him, he was really keen to be a part of the video. He just dropped everything to come and film with us for a few days which shows what a legend he is.

“We filmed the clip like a documentary, with a tiny crew. For me, this clip feels like a snapshot in time for this group of friends.”

DMA’s will be performing their new tunes to crowds at Laneway Festival next month.

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