Donald Trump Does The Unthinkable, Criticises Beyoncé & Mispronounces Her Name

Two things you should never do — criticise Beyoncé or mispronounce her name. And yet Donald Trump just managed to do both.

Trump wasn’t happy with Beyoncé and Jay Z after they recently threw a concert for Hillary Clinton, throwing their celebrity weight behind the Democratic US Presidential candidate.

Jay used expletives during the songs he performed, which apparently offended Trump, who has today criticised the pair for using the “bad language” at his rally in Raleigh, North Carolina.

While he nailed the pronunciation of “Jay Z”, Trump stumbled when it came to saying the name of arguably the biggest female music star in the world, but we won’t spoil what he actually said, so you can check out the video below.

It’s almost definitely not the biggest mistake he’s made during his Presidential campaign, but if you’re going to fire criticism at Beyoncé, at least pronounce her name right.

Watch: Donald Trump Mispronounces ‘Beyoncé’

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