Hell Yeah, Doom Lords Pallbearer Have A New Album On The Way

Riff-heavy doom metal outfit Pallbearer have wrapped up the recording process for their new album.

The band has kept pretty busy since they released last album Heartless back in 2017. They released new track ‘Dropout’ in 2018, and then ‘Atlantis’ earlier this year as part of the Sub Pop Singles Series, and dropped in a huge cover of Pink Floyd’s ‘Run Like Hell’ along the way for good measure.

Now, the next full-length from the band is through being recorded and mixed, according to producer Randall Dunn, who has worked with the likes of Sunn O))) and Wolves in the Throne Room, among others.

Dunn tweeted out a photo of the band earlier this week, commenting “@pallbearerdoom mixing recording and production finished! That was deeply satisfying and very heavy.”

The band also shared a photo of themselves on Twitter, commenting “That’s a wrap!”

Pallbearer released their debut back in 2012 with Sorrow and Extinction. The new LP will be the fourth studio album from from the band, and presumably released sometime in 2020 through Nuclear Blast, who they signed with earlier this year.

Until then, why don’t we all sit back, throw up the horns, and watch the band perform ‘Dropout’ at Bohemian National Cemetery in Chicago last year as part of an Audiotree session? Go on.

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