Download Festival Headliners Korn Promise To Return To Australia For A Full Tour

Here’s some good news for Korn fans spewing that they couldn’t make it to Melbourne last weekend to catch the nu-metal lords blowing minds at their sole live gig on Aussie turf headlining Download Festival: frontman Jonathan Davis has promised they’ll be returning to our shores for a full tour.

And we shouldn’t have too long to wait.

ICYMI: speaking with Music Feeds pre-Download, the dreadlock-pioneering scatter revealed that the band has plans to boomerang back down under for a longer stay after their next record is dusted.

“We only had time to come and do the one show [this time], and I apologise — we apologise,” JD said. “But we’ll be back to do a proper tour of Australia as soon as Korn is done making the next record.

“It’s just the way it is. We’re in the middle of making a new record, and it’s just how it ended up, our agent obviously handles everything so it’s out of our hands. But we definitely want to come back because I love Australia, I’ve played everywhere there and I’m kinda bummed I’m going to be missing my favourite places  [this time].”

Reflecting on his love for ‘Straya, Davis added: “It’s just a cool vibe there. I love the culture there, I love the Aboriginal culture, I go there and I buy boomerangs and I buy didgeridoos and I play one, too.

“I know it sounds cheesy (laughs) but I like it, as an American it’s pretty cool. I like the Aboriginal art… and just the people are just really cool.

“Every town offers something different,” he continued. “I mean, I remember going to Melbourne and I remember I was there when the Crown Casino opened — I remember the opening night of that place (laughs) like it’s just so random. I love going to the Gold Coast, and I remember hanging out there and going to the Australian Open one time, and hanging out with all the tennis players… I’ve had good times there, some really good memories.”

Meanwhile, exactly one week after tearing up the stage at Download, JD has justunleashed the twisted second single from his forthcoming solo debut, Black Labyrinth.

Give it a spin below, or catch our official review of Korn’s set at Download Festival Melbourne 2018 right here.

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