Download Festival Unleashes 2020 Dates & Time Of First Lineup Announcement

Hold onto your heavy metal butts because Download Festival is returning for 2020 and shit is about to get REAL.

We’ve just been fed the first juicy bits of info about next year’s monster mosh fest — including dates, venues and the exact time that the very first lineup announcement will be dropping into our laps.

Black markers at the ready:

In 2020, Download will return to both Melbourne and Sydney in all of its multi-stage punk, rock, metalcore and heavy metal glory, hitting Melbourne Showgrounds on Friday, 20th March and Parramatta Park on Saturday, 21st March.

And you won’t have to wait long for the first lineup announcement, which is coming NEXT WEEK on Wednesday, 6th November at 8.30am sharp.

Stay tuned to Music Feeds when it does.

UPDATE 06/11/19The Download Festival Australia 2020 Lineup Is Here, Headlined By My Chemical Romance.

Download Festival 202

Friday, 20th March

Showgrounds, Melbourne

Saturday, 21st March

Parramatta Park, Sydney

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