Drake Disguises Himself, Asks Strangers What They Think Of Drake

Rapper Drake has donned a wig, a fake beard and some thick-rimmed glasses, and taken to the streets of Hollywood to ask people about Drake as part of Jimmy Kimmel Live‘s continuing I Witness News segment.

Drake asked the public about fake Drake controversies, including his supposed refusal to acknowledge Caucasian athletes when he hosts the upcoming ESPY Awards (Excellence in Sports Performance Yearly Award), his “public urination in a Baby Gap” and his airing of a sex tape at a surprise performance at Coachella Music Festival.

Public responses included one man saying that Drake was a “chickenhead”, and another commenting, “He says that he came from the bottom, which most likely he didn’t.” Drake even encouraged one of his naysayers to sing a Drake diss, which eventually included the lyric, “Drake, hey, I think you suck / Maybe you can try and actually play an instrument, bro / Stop acting, you suck.”

Watch: I Witness News – Fake Drake

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