Drake Is Keen To Do Adele’s Laundry For Her

Currently Adele and Drake are going back and forth with displays of mutual adoration for each other after Adele said she wanted to remix Hotline Bling, and now Drake has taken it one step further saying he’d even do Adele’s dirty laundry.

During a Toronto Raptors basketball game of all places, Drake told eTalk, “I’d do anything with Adele.”

“I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her.”

Last week Adele told CTV interviewer Danielle Graham (via eTalk) that she would love to do an official remix of the rapper’s mega meme-generating hit Hotline Bling continuing on to say, “I love Drake. I love Drake so much.”

Apparently, she even celebrated the success of her worldwide number one single Hello by having a few many drinks and dancing on a table to Hotline Bling. She told Graham her friends have the video on their phone and we would implore them to leak it for the sake of the world.

Given that she’s so enamoured with him, it seems he wouldn’t really have to do her laundry in order to facilitate a collaboration. Although, she is currently on a huge promo trail for her latest record 25, so she probably has very little time for household chores.

Should she choose to take up his services, she simply needs to call him on his cellphone and open with, “hello, it’s me.”

Watch: Drake – Hotline Bling


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