Drake Says He’s “More Than A Meme” In Heartfelt SNL Monologue

From album covers to music videos, Drake has offered up more meme-able moments than anybody in music in the past few years and he finally addressed it while hosting Saturday Night Live, telling everyone he’s “more than a meme”.

The Canadian rapper opened the show with a heartfelt song all about being the most meme-d artist in the world asking important questions like “why am I sitting on the Seinfeld diner?”

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“I get that my face is expressive but some of these memes are a little aggressive,” he also sang at one point as the best memes from the past few years flashed across the screen.

Drizzy also brought on a special guest to finish the tune, donning a wig and playing Rihanna over the beat for Work. Scarily, it was very convincing.

It’s easy to feel sorry for a sad-faced Drake as he sings he’s “more than a meme” but he knows exactly what he’s doing. The video for Hotline Bling was basically tailor-made for people to have a field day with and the cover for his latest album VIEWS practically screamed “take me to photoshop”.

After people went to town with the VIEWS cover, Drake even wore a mini Drake on his shoulder on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

You can watch the whole SNL monologue below and then get very meta by attempting to make memes out of a song about memes.

Watch: Drake SNL Opening Monologue

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