Drug Overdose At Sydney Big Day Out 2011

Reports have come in that a man in his 20’s was taken to hospital in a critical condition after a drug overdose. The man was taken to Westmead Hospital at around 10pm. A NSW Ambulance spokeswoman said he was being treated for a drugs overdose at the Sydney Big Day Out on Wednesday.

Police also reported that by 4.30pm on Wednesday:

They had 115 drug indications from sniffer dogs. Officers had issued 26 cautions for cannabis use. There were also four drug charges and two charges for assault on police officers. Despite the numbers, senior cops said most people were well behaved during the celebrations.

Yesterday was one of the hottest Sydney Big Day Out’s on record and this posed a heath threat in itself. To add to that problem we have police running around with sniffer dogs busting people for minor crimes like cannabis possession. Police were already made aware of the risk that having dogs can cause after the death of 17-year-old Gemma Thoms 2009 Perth Big Day Out. When people see sniffer dogs they become paranoid and can be tempted to eat a days worth of drugs in one go, other then be busted by the Police.

You’ve really got to ask questions of the police when they spend resources using sniffer dogs to arrest youths at music festivals while head officers are in bed with the people who supply them.

Assistant Commissioner Alan Clarke said:

“Generally, Australia Day celebrations across Sydney and throughout the state resulted in members of the public making the most of the opportunity to enjoy the various festivities in a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately, there are still some people who just don’t heed our message and seem intent on trying to spoil everyone’s party. In those instances, police responded quickly and arrested individuals who were allegedly behaving in a drunken or aggressive manner, or indulging in criminal behavior. “Most of the 180 arrests had “clear links” to irresponsible use of alcohol, he added.

Get rid of the dogs I say!!!

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