Drugs Found On Justin Bieber’s Tour Bus

Another day, another mishap for Justin Bieber and his crew while they tour across Europe. This time, the gang has had their stash take off them by Swedish authorities after drugs were uncovered on the pop star’s tour bus.

Police searched the vehicle after detecting a strong odour of marijuana coming from the bus when it was parked outside The Biebs’ hotel, writes SMH. The bus dropped a number of people off at a venue, where it was then searched. The drugs found are yet to be identified, according to police spokesman Lars Bystrom, who stated the substance had been “sent to a laboratory for an analysis”.

Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet has reported claim from sources that when the search happened, panic broke out amongst Beiber and his staffers. One source states, “Some dancers ran around shouting: ‘No weed!’ and another member of the team yelled ‘Shit! The stash’,”

As there is no way to find out exactly who the drugs belonged to, no-one was arrested. The spokesperson also confirmed an electric stun gun was also found on the bus. Clearly used by his security personal or as some sort of fetish device, the stun gun was without the necessary paperwork required in Sweden.

It’s crazy to think J. Biebs blazes before performing in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans. No wonder he throws up on stage – that would make even the most hardened stoner green out.

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