Drunk Kanye West Addresses Serious First World Problems At Pusha T’s Album Launch

Anyone who thought that becoming a parent for the first time would make you get your priorities in order has obviously never heard of Kanye West. Recently, at a party celebrating protégé Pusha T‘s new album, the rapper made sure it was his name that everyone was mentioning afterwards by ranting about his first world problems.

Much like during previous rants, West managed to address an array of hard-hitting issues, almost as though he planned what he was going to say to assure it all gets out. During the diatribe (video below), West kicked things off by discussing what would have to be two of his favourite topics: himself and money.

“I don’t give a fuck about none of these corporations, none of these fucking sellouts,” he starts before explaining that his current project G.O.O.D Music is more than a name, but a business ethic. “We make good music, we make good music. We don’t give a fuck about how much goddamn money you make, we make good music!”

From there, West ventured into his third favourite topic, alcohol, insuring everyone in the room was fully aware that a) Kanye West was drunk, b) he was drunk on expensive vodka and c) he’s a rapper. “On that Goose right now, going to get loose right now.”

Now even those pesky people who wear numbers on their t-shirts weren’t safe from this rant, West has you in his crosshairs too. “Chinese T-shirts, trying to throw numbers on the back of they shit,” he says before laying it all out on the table: “Starting a T-shirt line and putting numbers on the back of their shit, fuck you!”

How dare they!

The rapper was last spotted on Jimmy Fallons late night talk show where he performed a surprise set featuring an altered version of Black Skinhead which took aim at Kim Kardashian’s ex partner Ray J despite speaking of the sex tape the two made together sometime ago in glowing terms in Clique.

Meanwhile, Pusha T sat quietly in the corner quietly listening to his brand-new album My Name Is My Name alone.

Watch: Kanye Rants at Pusha T Album Launch

(Via Hollywood Reporter)

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