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Ed Sheeran Just Played A ‘Secret’ Gig In A Melbourne Laneway, And You Probs Missed It

ATTENTION SHEERIOS: Your boy Ed Sheeran just played a not-so-secret ‘secret’ show in a Melbourne laneway, and while you probably missed it, there’s video and photos of the whole thing.

Early this morning, word spread that Sheeran would be hosting a ‘secret performance’ in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, and eager fans lined up in their droves. They were told there were to be “no phones” and “no photos” during the performance, but (of course) rules are meant to be broken.

Footage has emerged of Sheeran playing just one song — ‘Perfect’, from his latest album Divide — at the surprise performance, which was recorded for the 2018 iHeartRadio Awards, taking place in the US today.

Oh and here’s what appears to be a video of Ed rushing back to bed following the performance:

Ed Sheeran will continue his current Australian tour with a final show in Melbourne tonight, before heading to Sydney and Brisbane.

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