Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros Singer Fired Via Email

Folk band Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros have parted ways with singer Jade Castrinos, who has been with the band for over seven years, and like many band lineup changes, her departure isn’t without controversy.

As revealed via an Instagram post, Castrinos wrote: “for seven years i [sic] sang and wrote music with edward sharpe. they voted me off of tour a week before they left, via email. lol.” According to, the band responded to Castrinos on Facebook.

The unverified comment has since been deleted, but not before the publication nabbed a screenshot. “If you think we came to this decision suddenly or as some form of punishment you have no idea who we are. If you think that email to jade was not sent 30 seconds after a meeting WITH jade and the band but out of the blue- you have no idea who we are.

“Yet if you do not know that sometimes people must be unwilling to allow a continuation of old patterns in order to make a change for the better – you simply have not yet lived long enough,” it adds.

Hey Reverb accounts that via a Facebook post that has since been deleted, frontman Alex Ebert responded as well. “Jade has spoken out about not being on this tour. Her statement left a lot of things to the imagination. Out of respect for Jade, I will keep it that way.”

“Only we must now explain that simply and sadly, we did not feel right doing this tour with Jade, he continued. “That fact breaks my heart in ways I don’t want to describe. With hope with all of ourselves that we reunite with Jade again, free-spirited, and with that daring love that is our only foundation.”

The band will continue their US tour without Castrinos. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros were last in Australia earlier this year as part of Bluesfest.

Gallery: Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Sydney, Enmore Theatre 10/04/14 / Photographed by Jack Cowling

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