A Very Elaborate Hoax Had Fans Thinking Kanye Was Dropping New Music On Monday

Kanye West is one of the most mysterious artists on earth and it usually takes a lot of brainwork to figure out what he’s up to.

That’s probably why many bought into what has now seems to be a hoax, with someone trying to trick fans into thinking Kanye’s dropping new music.

An MTV journalist was sent a box that contained a rock, a VHS tape with the label “E Pluribus Unum” and a white bank card that had both ‘Kanye West’, ‘Project 10’ and ‘NASA’ pressed into it along with numbers ‘8/10’ and ‘772233688’.

The internet set to work figuring out what the hell this all meant and it led them to a website The website featured a video which was 2 hours of static, the same as what was featured on the VHS tape, and a date, 10th March.

The date obviously made people think he was planning to release something NASA-themed on Monday and it was later seemingly confirmed by a poster a fan spotted on a subway in Atlanta.

It looked like we could all but confirm Kanye would be dropping something new on Monday but then the whole thing started to unravel.

A rep from Kanye’s label Def Jam denied that Kanye had anything to do with it leaving us simply to ponder who the hell would go to all this effort?

Come Monday, we’ll be able to confirm whether it actually was a hoax but unfortunately that looks like the most likely possibility right now.

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