Electric Zoo Festival’s Bizarre Anti-Molly PSA Leaks Online

Another weekend, another report of an avoidable death at a dance festival. Most recently it was two young men who overdosed during the Mad Decent Block Party. But now, a festival is taking a stand to combat this seeming epidemic. An anti-drug PSA by Electric Zoo has leaked online.

Back in April, Billboard reported on a number of measures that the New York City electronic music festival had unveiled to help combat drug-related deaths. Among them was a PSA, still in production at the time, that festivalgoers had to watch before they were allowed to purchase their tickets.

That PSA, part of Electric Zoo’s Come To Life campaign and titled The Molly, has now made its way online via Reddit. The short was created, written, and produced by James Manos Jr, best known as the creator of the acclaimed Showtime series Dexter, and his 19-year-old daughter, Ellie Manos.

“This is a really interesting and volatile time of life for teens and young adults, and I was up for the challenge of crafting the right… overall approach to creating a PSA that would have a net positive influence in their behaviour and lives, in an entertaining and authentic way,” Manos Jr told Pollstar.

Electric Zoo creators Made Event are throwing all of their weight behind the Come To Life campaign. Last year’s event tragically ended early after organisers canceled the last day following the deaths of two attendees from apparent drug overdoses. The PSA (below) makes perfectly clear why punters should avoid drugs at festivals – at the very least to spare us more shitty PSAs.

Watch: Electric Zoo – The Molly

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