Elvis Presley Hologram – The King Lives!

Rolling Stone have reported that the same visionaries behind the incredible Tupac hologram at this year’s Coachella Festival are now working on holographic projection of Rock & Roll’s biggest name, Elvis Presley. Digital Domain, the company responsible for bringing Tupac back to the stage, have teamed up with Core Media Group, who own the rights to Presley’s likeness, to create a virtual Elvis that can appear on TV, film, and possibly even perform at concerts.

As Music Feeds previously reported, the Tupac Hologram stole the show at Coachella and was sure to inspire other holograms of past musicians.

TLC have considered employing the same technology to resurrect Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes, who sadly passed away after a car accident just over a decade ago.

No word yet on exactly when the holographic Elvis will be unveiled to the public.

Watch: Tupac Hologram perform with Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre – Coachella 2012

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