Eminem Sydney Fans Demand Refunds

A number of fans who attended the Eminem show in Sydney on December 2nd have complained that the sound was atrocious and they were unable to hear the rapper’s voice. Fans have bombarded the promoter’s Facebook page demanding a refund on tickets. Music Feeds has also received a lot of comments with people complaining about the sound; the overall opinion is that Eminem’s performance was great, but whoever was running the sound system did a horrible job.

Update 10pm 04/12/11: Sound hasn’t improved for the second show; Music Feeds reader comments from the show:

Jason: At the second show right now and the sound is still messed up … We feel like walking out … Can’t believe a show this big is having sound issues where there weren’t any issues for the supporting act Lil Wayne. How can the supporting act’s sound be better than the main event ..! So disappointed because the show would actually be great but the sound quality is just annoying the fck out of me.

One Music Feeds reader commented :

We were in bay 62 and heard fuck all! We had our 10 yr Son with us, who loved it, but if we didn’t have him we would have walked out. We have been to concerts there without a sound problem, but this concert was shit

Another reader wrote:

Agree 100%. It was ridiculous. For an event of that size to fuck up the sound THAT badly is inexcusable. No vocal, no top end, hardly any drums (couldn’t even hear the snare ffs), no bass, no guitar … just samples. It was shithouse. Credit to Em for still giving it his all. He must’ve known something was up.

While other fans attacked the Paul Dainty (promoter) facebook page:

The sound was PATHETIC towards the rear half. There is no excuse for that. $350 To watch but not hear the show. Disgusting.

There were no issues with the sound in Melbourne on Thursday night; fans had nothing but positive reviews for the show.

Eminem will perform at the Sydney Football Stadium again tonight and there are still cheap tickets available on the door. Fingers crossed the tech guys have sorted out the problems for tonight’s show.

Were you at the show? Let us know what you thought of the sound.

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