Eminem Sydney Fans Eligible For Refunds

Eminem Sydney fans may be refunded in full or at least receive some compensation if the Dainty Group decides to abide by the law. If the Dainty Group fails to reasonably compensate fans, ticket holders may be awarded refunds through a tribunal ruling.

The Office Of Fair Trading has received a large number of complaint lodgements about the quality of the sound at the Eminem Sydney Football Stadium shows.

A spokesperson from Fair Trading told Music Feeds today:

Under the Australian Consumer Law all services provided to consumers must be of a standard and quality that could be reasonably expected from a competent person in that particular industry. If the service provider fails to meet its obligations, you are entitled to a remedy such as a refund.

The overwhelming number of comments and complaints alone suggests that the product Dainty provided was not of a standard or quality that could be reasonably expected from a competent person working in the music industry. This wasn’t a case of people just complaining for the sake of it; people clearly went there with the intention of having an awesome night and enjoying one of their favorite artists who hadn’t toured the country in 10 years. That intention was clearly ruined by the poor quality of sound in some parts of the stadium.

Dainty has issued a statement informing ticket holders that he will not be refunding any tickets, blaming Eminem’s production crew for the bad sounds:

The sound system supplied and installed at the venue was to the specification designed and requested by Eminem’s sound and production crew. It was also operated by Eminem’s staff. They conducted sound checks at each venue prior to the show.

The fact that Dainty blames Eminem is disgusting. If Eminem’s crew were to blame, then that is something Dainty needs to negotiate with Eminem’s management. The law clearly states that it is his responsibility to compensate fans who bought tickets from him if the product was not of a reasonable standard and quality.

No one is trying to say that Dainty advertised a product they did not plan to deliver. Dainty wanted the good sound just as much as anyone. The problem is that it was not delivered and the law states that when that happens, the consumer is eligible for compensation.

Dainty should be negotiating with Eminem fans and refunding tickets to the people who did not receive the product they reasonably expected; he should not be passing on the blame to Eminem who had nothing to do with selling the tickets to those fans.

If you believe you are eligible for a refund the best thing to do is-

-Lodge a complaint with Fair Trading who will negotiate between the ticket holders and Dainty in an attempt to resolve the issue. Complaints can be lodged via Fair Trading’s website at Consumers wanting to make further inquiries can contact Fair Trading on 133220.

A Fair Trading spokesperson told Music Feeds:

Last year Fair Trading received around 40,000 complaints and was able to resolve 89% of these without the need for recourse to a court or tribunal … If intervention by Fair Trading does not resolve the complaint, most consumer complaints can be pursued through the Consumer Trader and Tenancy Tribunal. The Tribunal can make legally binding orders and is an accessible service for the fair and timely resolution of disputes according to law.

The Office Of Fair Trading also has the authority to prosecute Dainty Group if they believe that to be a necessary course of action.

For more information on the dispute resolution process, visit Fair Trading’s website at

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